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16 Mar 2018
How to Clean Smelly Shoes (Keep Your Shoes Fresh Always)

When searching on the Internet, I see that the majority of people are looking for how to clean smelly shoes which is a common problem with most of the people especially teens. You may be one of them who are very shy and embarrassed when taking off your shoes with a terrible smell that is the result of bacteria developing in a sweaty environment https://www.footguru.net/ Thus, I’m here to give you a good solution which is collected from my experiences in the past to destroy these bacteria and keep the smell away. The guide doesn’t include complicated techniques but straightforward ways to follow:

Things You Will Need to Perform This Task

You just can complete this work quickly if prepare full of the following equipment and products:

Washing machine: this helps you save more time and effort on your end than washing hands, but it’s just possible with some kinds of materials, not all. What’s more, you need to prepare extra sturdy clothes and towels to wash together for avoiding harming your shoes.
The laundry detergent: whether you use washing machine or hands, this is also a must for the washing process.
Dryer: you can use this if the things which need to clean are a pair of tennis shoes
Baking soda, cornstarch, and tea tree oil: these are ingredients to make homemade deodorizing powder
A vacuum cleaner attached to hose: if you can’t remove all powder out your shoes, this may help
Newspaper, fabric softener or conditioner sheets: these help your shoes soak up sweat especially fabric softener, and conditioner sheets leave the pleasant perfume.
Freezer: a cold environment can kill smell-causing bacteria
How to Clean Smelly Shoes

Wash your shoes:

Before anything else, you had better remove laces to wash them separately. In case they are too dirty, I highly recommend you soak them in a washing mixture in advance. After sitting that one night, rinse them by hands.

If your shoes made from the fabric material, you can quickly wash by throwing them into the washing machine with a few clothes and towels. Remember to add the laundry detergent and adjust warm cycle. In place of using fabric softener, white vinegar has the ability to kill the bacteria which cause odor.

For tennis shoes, you should place them with towels into a dryer to steer clear of banging sounds. Another way is to cover in a bag as long as it suits with the door of your dryer. When it comes to others materials, to guarantee the safeness, you ought to apply air-drying method.

Sprinkle a kind of homemade deodorizing powder:

If after washing and drying, you can’t obliterate the terrible smell completely, try my formula: mix three tsp of baking soda, one tsp of cornstarch with five drops of tea tree oil then blend well. Both baking soda and cornstarch absorb odor and damp powerful while tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that kill bacteria causing smell.

However, you can make a recipe of your own or the use of only baking soda is also ok. Finally, sprinkle and leave this mixture into your shoes overnight. Remember to dump this mixture out your shoes before using. If that way can’t take all out, you should use a vacuum cleaner attached to a hose.

Insert newspaper, fabric softener or conditioner sheets inside your shoes and sit overnight:

The newspaper is responsible for soaking up the sweat that lessens the smell. After the use of your shoes, let you insert newspaper inside and sit there until you wear them again. If you put 2 fabric freshener sheets inside, they help not only wick away moisture but also leave the pleasant perfume.

Freeze your shoes:

It seems to be crazy, but the fact is the smell-causing bacteria can’t survive in a cold environment. Although this method will be useful within 24-48 hours, you should put the shoes in a bag and seal it tightly to keep your freezer and what is inside away from dirt. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and use after defrosting.


Leaving your wet shoes for a long time may lead to a stinky odor because the smell-causing bacteria and mold love dark and damp areas.
Natural shoe cleaners can remove smell also. Typically, it’s designed as a spray bottle with the combination of water and alcohol. The mixture of 2 cups of vinegar for every 3 gallons of water is another natural shoe cleaner which you can make at home.
In some cases, insoles can be the reason of causing odor, so it’s better to change the new ones. On the market nowadays, there are available a multitude of products which can keep your shoes away smell from the beginning like cedar wood insoles. However, for the light condition, you ought to clean them with vinegar to save. What you have to do to kill smell-causing odor is to soak your insoles in a mixture of one part of hot water and two parts of vinegar within a while.
Putting the fresh citrus peels (orange, grapefruit or lemon) into your shoes then leaving that overnight and taking the use of lavender oil are also how to clean smelly shoes. Their essential oils will provide your shoes a more comfortable smell. Remember to take these peels out before using.
Other things can keep your shoes away from terrible odors include cat litter (fill in an old sock), charcoal (fill in an old sock or cloth bag). Insert them in your shoes and leave overnight then take out before using.
The Final Thought

How to clean smelly shoes is a common problem with most of the people and in need of solution because you may be embarrassed in front of others when taking off the shoes with a terrible smell. That’s why I share my post with my experiences.

Does my guide informative? Let me know your result (how your shoes are now) by leaving a comment below. Furthermore, don’t forget to share with your loved ones, if you think that it is helpful.
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