how to save into a string an array of values passed used $POST


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28 Set 2015
Hello, I'm new here, I'm writing in this community because I have a problem which is bothering me since a week and I'm not able to solve it.

I have a form through I send an array of values using $POST.
The final goal I have to reach is to put all these values in a textfield, but every value have to be written in a new line. Because this content of this textfield has to be sent as an email.
The only solution I found so far is using the php function nl2br() but at the end of each line it leave an ugly <br /> and I can't obviously send an email with all those "<br />".

To make the thing simplier it would be enough to know how to put that array in a simple php string. Then it's easy to put it in the textfield..

I really need help, I can't get out of this problem alone.

Thank you so much for your help.
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